The November 2019 Main Meeting

Tonight, our good friends from Norton

Norton Lifelock Logo

called in to talk about the exciting changes to Norton’s 360.» read more..

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The October 2019 Main Meeting


HMD Logo and NOKIA Logo

HMD Global the new home of Nokia paid us a visit.  

» read more..

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The September 2019 Main Meeting

Laser logo

This month Laser dropped in.

» read more..

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The August 2019 Main Meeting

Happy Tel Logo Acer logo

For our August meeting we had HappyTel and Acer along.

» read more..


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The July 2019 Main Meeting

Synology Logo

This month we looked at Synology Network Access Systems (NAS)

» read more..

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The June 2019 Main Meeting

This month Whistleout dropped in.

Whistleout logo» read more..

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The May 2019 Main Meeting

This month Optus

Optus Logo

called in to tell us about their new 5G network. » read more...

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The April 2019 Main Meeting

Huawei LogoThis month Huawei come along, having just launched the flagship P30 and the Matebook X  Pro and the 13 laptops. We were one of the first groups to see the new Mate X which had just been launched that day. » read more...

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The March 2019 Main Meeting

Shopback logo Microsoft Logo



This month we had a visit from Shopback and our friends from the Microsoft store. » read more...

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Vale Alan Marcionetti
Alan Marcionetti
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Alan Marcionetti.
We have recently heard from Mrs Helen Marcionetti that her husband, a long-standing member of SPCTUG, has died recently following a fall which necessitated hospital admission.The Secretary has written to his widow expressing members' regret and condolences.
He will be sadly missed.

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The February 2019 Main Meeting

This was our AGM after which the Alex took the stand to show us the new folding phones, One of the latest concepts in mobile phones. » read more...

Mate X and Galaxy Fold
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The January 2019 Main Meeting

Welcome to 2019, we hope you all had a great break.

Tonight, our 2019 meetings got off to a great start with EFTPOS calling by. » read more...



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Christmas Bells

The Sydney PC and Technology User Group wishs all its members and supportors a happy Christmas season and we hope you have a great break.  We look forward to seeing you all on the 22nd January for our first Main Meeting of 2019.


The November 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight, was our last meeting for the year and to finish the year, Google dropped by to show us the new Home Hub and take a freah look at YouTube. » read more...

Google Logo
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