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Robert Israel's links - 2017

November 2017
Black Friday deals: The cheapest gaming PC you can build
Does Next-Gen TV spell doom for over-the-air DVR?
Best gaming laptops: Know what to look for and which models rate
What the Kaspersky antivirus hack really means
Google's crackdown on accessibility services could impact your favorite Android apps
October 2017
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update review: This could be Microsoft's biggest Windows yet
Free WiFi Security Tips
Top 10 Security Tips
BEWARE: Fake Amazon Scam
How to download the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update right now
How to build the best free PC security software suite
September 2017
HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift vs. Windows Mixed Reality: What's the difference?
Google buys 2,000 HTC employees for $1.1 billion to get instant smartphone chops
Google Chrome will start blocking noisy autoplay videos in January
Windows 10: How to type emoji on your PC using the Fall Creators Update
Spoiler alert: Google's Pixel event will still be more exciting than Apple's iPhone X reveal
How to buy the perfect PC case

July 2017
Protecting Your Accounts
Complete Privacy Guide
Best password managers of 2017: Reviews of the top products
Intel's 12-core Core i9 might lose the megahertz war to AMD's Ryzen Threadripper

June 2017
5 vital Android settings that save your apps, data, battery and moreC
Intel Core i9: Everything we know so far about Intel's hypercharged PC processor
The 11 most intriguing Fall Creators Update features in Windows 10 Build 16215
Google will block bad ads (even its own) with a filter built into Chrome
Asus ZenBook Flip S First Look | PCWorld
How Thunderbolt 3 won the port wars
Wanawiki is the WannaCry fix that might save affected PCs-if you work fast

May 2017
How to stop Windows 10 from rebooting after updates
Inside the Windows 10 Creators Update: The 17 best hidden features
Microsoft finally reveals what data Windows 10 collects from your PC
Windows 10 privacy settings: What's new in the Creators Update
12 free utilities that can give you more control over your PC

January 2017
Free anti-ransomware: This new software protects your PC against ransomware
And the coolest robots of 2016 are...
Microsoft: Don't worry, MS-DOS will live on after all:
5 underrated Microsoft announcements that could change the world :
The future is now: 2016's most powerful, portentous PC hardware :
How to customize your Windows PC with Winaero Tweaker :
Firefox's ready to supercharge browser speed with major multi-process push:

Robert Israel's links - 2016

Unfortunately Robert was away for some time this year.

July 2016
Free your files! No-cost decryption tools released for two ransomware programs:
The easiest fix for missing green check marks in OneDrive :
10 compelling reasons to upgrade to Windows 10:
6 ways to take charge of the stock Android keyboard:
RIP, VHS players: The last VCRs ever will be made this month:
May to June 2016
Unfortunally Robert has been away.
April 2016
Dangerous batteries:
Password protocols:
Win 10 upcoming features:
Reuse an XP PC:
Advances in battery charging time:

Robert Israel's links - 2015

November 2015
Windows 10 Cortana tips:
Stop Windows 10 from using OneDrive:
Stop BING from searching IE or Edge:
Even faster storage devices:
Possible solution to “ransomeware” :
Advances in battery charging time:
October 2015
Windows 10 tips:
Streaming movie sites:
Surface book review:
Ways to open Task Manager:
Ways to assist older users:
Skype for all:
September 2015
How to replace a motherboard:
Printer cartridges do not tell the truth:
Switch from Iphone to Android and keep all your stuff:
Use your tablet as a second laptop screen:
10 ways to make your old PC go faster:
Windows 10 keyloger is still there :
August 2015
Integrate Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage on your Chromebook :
Using Edge, Microsoft’s new browser:
Play DVDs in Win 10:
Use Microsoft EDGE:
What Win 10 won’t change:
Get started with Cardboard:
July 2015
1000year disks?
Fix dead keyboard in laptop:
Install Linux with "Secure Boot" :
More battery life? :
10 Tools to fix windows problems:
Lock Down your Router:
May and June 2015
Windows 10 – Upgrades:
Get started with Linux:
Win 10 can look like Win 7:
Shut down your PC automatically:
Wipe your drive:
20 Fascinating PC Games:
Stop Win 8 using your location:
April 2015
Smart PC Fix:
Ransomeware Alert:
Excel tips:
Shut down your PC automatically:
Fix Haunted PC restarting automatically:
Maximise your SSD’s lifespan :
March 2015
Is your data really erased? :
Common computing mistakes:
Google NOW voice commands:
10 Raspberry PI projects:
USB killer fries laptops:
February 2015
Experts favourite freeware : :
OCR using Google Drive::
Blocking pictures in emails-why?:
Hide information in Windows 7 & 8:
What is "Godmode?":
100 GB of free cloud storage:
January 2015
22 Free programs for a new PC :
Things to do immediately with a new PC:
Install Windows 10 safely:
Drive partition improvements:

Robert Israel's links - 2014

November 2014
Install Win 10 preview :
Blogging with Microsoft Word:
10 Mobile apps for students:
Hidden features in Windows, IOS, and Android:
Make a virtual hard drive:
Kill unwanted processes slowing Windows:
When your computer won’t start:
October 2014
Reuse an old hard drive :
Can't use all your RAM?:
Screenshot on your Android phone?:
Windows 8 Power User Tips:
Where and what is the APPDATA folder:
September 2014
Microsoft pulls its August Windows update :
Remove processes that slow down Windows:
Dress up your Word documents:
Virtual Hard Drives:
Preview Windows next attempt at an OS:
August 2014
Free partition tool:
Windows 8 - its better now:
Windows taskbar shortcuts:
17 Computer games:
Create an anonymous email account:
July 2014
Stream from a PC to HDTV over WiFi:
Blanket your home with Wi-Fi:
How to reinstall windows like a pro :
17 hidden Windows tools:
What to do if after installing a second harddrive, your PC won't start:
Simple way to backup data:
June 2014
Speed up an old PC :
Ten fixes for a slow PC:
Edit a pdf with Word:
Reset Windows passwords: Warning this is really powerful:
May 2014
Install UBUNTU and keep Win 7:
Extend the use of a laptop:
Word to PDF conversions made easy and inexpensive:
Saving YouTube videos for offline viewing:
Add-ons for browser privacy:
Win 8.1:Download latest version by June 10 to continue getting patches
April 2014
Recovering files from a "dead" PC:
Upgrade XP to Win 7:
Why, and how, to encrypt your Android device:
Windows 8.1 Update tip:
Protect against AutoRun infections:
March 2014
Mastering Metro apps: 4 ways they can work for you:
Free tools for Chrome browser:
How to get a new Win 7 PC:
Inside the Win 8.1 update:
Free dropbox tools:
Win XP will soon be impossible to secure:
TACKK: An easy way to create simple websites:
February 2014
9 free tools that make Windows much better:
Edit GIFs without Photoshop:
Preview PDFs in Windows Explorer:
Easy way to create a website:
Editors Note: Or you could come to the Web Design Sig
6 audio/video players to replace Winamp:
3 essential techniques to protect your online privacy:
Lucidpress : Free beta makes typesetting simple, accessible, and fun:
January 2014
Cloud synchronization/ security / encryption::
Optimize your SSD:
Simple backup tips:
Free and low-cost fonts:
Digitize Holiday photo :
Tools to bring the Start menu back to Windows 8.1:
Essential tools to fix or build a PC:
Thoughts on ransomware prevention:
Hard drive making noises? :
Protect your PC:

Robert Israel's links - 2013

November 2013
Browser blocks cookies, trackers, ads and more:
Sketch on SKYPE:
Games for old computers:
Fix home video problems ($49) :
October 2013
Essential free software:
Free Video player:
If your computer continually reboots, try this:
Email finds you! ($5) :
Dropbox tools:
September 2013
Skype on-the-fly translator:
A proper start screen for Windows 8:
Peazip decompresses "everything" :
Four email utilities to try:
Solve the 10 most common tech support problems yourself:
Secure your small-business network without spending a dime:
August 2013
A disposable email address from MailDrop :
12 Tasks a PC owner should consider:
Resurrect a crashed hard drive:
Creating natural-looking art easily and cheaply ($50) ArtRage :
Free optical character recognition, works reasonably well:
Alternatives to Dropbox:
July 2013
Robert and Alex discused PC safety, Here is the article.
Photo Converter handles most basic image editing functions ($15.00 "cheap!"):
Active bootdisc: a Swiss army knife type repair, recovery, imaging program ($80) :
Make your hard drive more reliable:
Open Drive Searches Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive folders and indexes them into a searchable whole:
Free and low-cost fonts:
TreeSize Free is a tool that will show you what's taking up all of the space on your machine. (A paid version is available with additional features):
June 2013
These links will open in a new window
Things you can do to make Internet Explorer more secure:
To-Do software improves:
Desktop window manager:
Small, fast pdf reader/writer:
Increase your free cloud storage to 100GB:
Test-drive Office 2013 free for six months: 
Hide programs with Winlok:
Create Cinematic presentations with zoom and pan effects:
May 2013
Name, tag and sort your MP3 files with Mp3tag:
Help+Spell adds a lot of power to your clipboard:
R-Studio recovers data when others won't $80 personal version::
April 2013
BleachBit - free comprehensive disk cleaner:
DEXPOT virtual desktop free for personal use:
DROPBOX folder sync tool, creates a symbolic Link:
CUBIEZ: Web apps on your desktop
Smart Deblur: You too can be a CSI wizard:
March 2013
Windows 8 tips:(Courtesy of Christopher)
Speedy Painter: Small, but perfectly formed:
Skitch - visually highlight images to help your point:
MobileGo for IOS- add-on media manager to Itunes-Free trial, $40 full version
Convert video files for free with WinX HD :
How to set up a VPN today :
Handy Backup, free, and easy to use.:
Protect your photos from thieves by watermarking them with My Watermark
February 2013
Google toolbox: 20 tips, tricks:
A more powerful alternative to Windows Explorer:
Customise Windows 7:
Broken Shortcut Fixer:
January 2013
Partition Assistant Home Edition:
Greenshot, a free, open-source screenshot tool:
BlueScreenView Portable:
Create Family Trees and Genograms with GenoPro:
Wavosaur is tiny and free, a full-featured audio editor:
A Late edition extra
Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit. When web utilities won't work and all hope fails, a properly loaded thumb drive can fix PC hassles in a flash.:

Robert Israel's links - 2012

November 2012
Software That Does It All :
WriteMonkey: A lightweight word processor that concentrates on ease of use:
Foxit phantom PDF - Business: (Trial) A very cheap, reasonably accurate, alternative to Adobe Acrobat.:
7-Zip file compression (32bit):
RealWorld Paint- Graphics Package:
How to prevent thumb(USB) drive security disasters:
Emulate an Amiga-flawlessly with WINUAE:
Emulate a Commodore C64 with CCS64:
October 2012
Recover Windows passwords :
Compare , synchronize PC files with FreeFileSync:
Virtual Desktops-VirtuaWin:
3D Desktops- BumpTop:
Free realistic car-racing game -Dolfinity:
Realistic Driving Speed 2 racing game:
Recovering Pics from PC that Won't Boot:
September 2012
Absolute private web browsing cloud based - Cocoon :
Simple but useful spreadsheet OpalCalc:
GenoPro Genealogy Program - Shareware $49 :
Remote Control your PC - Remote Utilities free:
Virtual Private Network - Tunnelbear:
Read old mail messages with MiTec mail viewer:
Legacy Family Tree (Shareware) :
Family Tree Builder- more genealogy! :
Items of Interest
Autonomous Cars
Incredible developments from DARPA
Australian re-invents the lightbulb
August 2012
HD Disc tuner, reads SMART information :
Maxthon 3.4, an alternative Web browser:
Acronis True Image Home backup at a reasonable price :
TrashMail tidy up and restrict use of your email address:
Ginger Basic free grammar checker:
GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 17 years young:
How to Clean data from a device:
July 2012
LibreOffice - Microsoft Office free lookalike:
BlueStacks App Player - Play Android Apps on your Vista or Win 7 PC:
HWMonitor Basic - Detailed analysis of your hardware:
PDF Form Filler- fill in pdfs, even though they are locked, and save as pdf:
Zimbra Desktop - A free alternative to MS Outlook:
EASEUS Todo Backup:
Psykopaint - free graphics program. Convert your photos to paintings::
Convert your videos to 3D - Axara Media - $29.95:
June 2012
Control your computer without touching it:
PC Mysteries Solved:
DAMINION- Photo Manager:
WISE Registry Cleaner:
Get Administrator access without a password:
May 2012
Hotspot Shield:
Fotobounce Organise your photos:
HD Tune: Scan HDs, detect errors, read SMART info:
Stanza Desktop- Ebook reader/converter:
PDF exchange viewer/converter:
April 2012
Magical fixes for Windows 7:
Zoner Photo Studio “Better than GIMP?”:
Turn your pictures into Hi-res paintings – Free demo with watermarks, $50 for full version:
Games: Nitronic Rush! :
ASTRID Tasks/List/To Do Maker:
Win 7 Nature Theme:
March 2012
Free full featured C.A.D. program:
Hard Drive Eraser :
Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN):
21 Free Games you can play in your Browser:
Splashtop Remote Desktop:
Cinebench performance tester:
February 2012
Free driver updater – Slimdriver :
The NASTIES in End User Licence Agreements (EULA’s) :
How to Set Up Intel Smart Response SSD Caching Technology:
Window Blinds:
Free Libre Office Software from Intel:
Predator thumbdrive computer lock ($29):
TDSS Rootkit killer:
January 2012
3DCrafter: Free 3d graphics/ animation package:
Xara 3D Maker : 3d animated fonts: 7 day trial, $40 to purchase:
Everything You Need to Know About 3TB Hard Drives:
Core Temp - CPU monitoring software:
Helpful hints:
Unguessable Passwords:

Robert Israel's links - 2011

November 2011
Themes for XP, Vista,Win7:
How to remove malware from your PC:
SyncToy from Microsoft. Keep folders on different machines synchronised:
Freemake Video Converter:
How to Set Up RAID on Your PC:
Android Apps on a PC:
Impact Earth:
October 2011
Shutdown Timer:
PDF Exchange Viewer:
As well as letting you mark up view and mark up PDFs, the well-designed PDF Xchange creates PDFs from text, RTF, image files, and scanned materials--something that you just can't do with Adobe Reader
Primo PDF printer driver:
Device Doctor – Finds device drivers:
Graphics with unlimited detail :
Lytro Light-Field Camera :
Perfect Updater - $30 - :
September 2011
Run programs in a sandbox?:
Virus Alert - XP Total Security 2011 :
Hidden Treasures in Windows 7:
What to Do with a new PC:
New Handwritten Font:
August 2011
Google Sky; Find celestial odjects:
It pops up a red arrow that tells which direction to turn to find that object, and then a yellow circle around the object when there. It also has live data for solar system positions
Essential utilities, the Ultimate Boot CD:
WinHotKey customiser/automator:
Everywhere-Firefox privacy plugin:
HWMonitor Basic:
Real no-glasses 3D:
The future of tablets?
July 2011
Virtual private network- Cyberghost VPN- a bit quirky, but...
DrTCP: Diagnostic connection tool (XP & 2000):
Smartdraw (trial) Visual processor. Interesting approach to presentations:
TrackMeNot add-in for firefox privacy:
Handbrake - Video translator:
June 2011
Sophos free anti-rootkit:
Free on the fly encryption:
Firefox add-ins:
Courtesly email privacy tool :
PagePlus Starter Edition- Desktop Publishing:
May 2011
Kindle for the PC:
Free open source video player - SPLAYER:
Dr Who theme for Win 7:
TrueCrypt encryption software:
UltrDefrag (32 bit) :
10 biggest hi-tech cover-ups:
In Q and A Robert showed us the Advance System Repair;
here's the link:
February 2011
Advanced renamer:
EXIF sorter:
(ED Note: an EXIF is the file data attached to a digital photo file)
January 2011
7-Zip (32-bit version) free :
Libox Media reader :
Free media viewer VLC:
Free Tools For Small Businesses
PDF to Word converter:
Recuva: data recovery:

Robert Israel's links - 2010

November 2010
Fake anti-virus information:
Free Tools For Small Businesses
October 2010
Windows 7 Downloads:
Windows Live Essentials:
Free decorative fonts:
Privacy tools- Better Privacy:
Astroburn Audio free CD tool:
Visual CD cataloguing software:
September 2010
Fancy fonts (1) :
Fancy fonts (2) :
Fancy fonts (3) :
What happened when a laptop overheated:
Free 3d modelling great fun Sketchup 8:
Free network manager – Capsa
Free project manager – Grindstone:
August 2010
Troubleshoot Your Home-Built PC:
Free firewalls: Comodo 32 bit:
Free disk imaging software - Macrium Reflect Free:
Fast file finder-Buzz Folders:
Battery care for laptops-
Free encryption- TrueCrypt:
July 2010
Fluxee: free file manager
Direct Folders: file manager for XP using middle button
Why the PC is here to stay
Free remote control:- Ultra VNC 32bit
Set Up a Secure Web Tunnel

June 2010 Photo editing tool – Free
Notepad++ for Windows
Rasterise images & print poster sized prints
May 2010
Seven atom transtor:
Heydon Plantarium Digital Map of the Universe (download):
Free photo resizing tool:
Change Vista or Win Seven to your requirements, free:
Free backup to external storage:
Faster, smaller pdf reader:
Alternative to Realplayer:
Alternative to “Safely remove usb” :
April 2010
20 years of the Hubble Telescope
Flight Radar World Wide
EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition
Advanced SystemCare Free:
Stalled Printer Repair:
February 2010
VueScan Standard- Universal scanner driver for older scanners
Simple Sticky Notes
Recuva :recover your data
FastStone Image Viewer
Photoscape editor/viewer

Robert Israel's links - 2009

June 2009
PC World Downloads
UndeletePlus file recovery
Recuva file recovery:
Bowling PC:
Amazing Jigsaw:
May 2009
Revolu web TV worldwide:
TextMaker Viewer free reader, many formats:
April 2009
Comodo EasyVPN (32-bit version):
Virus Eye Test:
Strangest Sights in Google Street Views:
Adventure/Strategy game Dyson:
Cardmaster organiser:
March 2009
Defraggler: quick hard disk defragmenter:
Robot Gardeners:
The Joys and Pains of Windows 7- a review:
Dell's Adamo: the MacBook Air Rival
Worlds weirdest keyboards:
How to Build the Ultimate Wireless Network:
January 2009
DTIData NTFS Partition Recovery Tool :
Free 3.0 software:
Fix a computer remotely:
Photocopier free copy/print utility:
The next industrial revolution 3D printing


Email___Home networks___Internet___Security

Anti-virus & Firewalls
Corrupted Inbox in Outlook Express
FrequentlyAsked Questions
Shields UP! - Internet Security Analysis
Symantec Security Response
Broadband & Wireless Home
Email Systems
e-Campaign - Frequently Asked Questions
mail2web access from anywhere
Mailing List Express
Postcast Demo
dbxtract file-extraction program
e-Campaign - Frequently Asked Questions
Email Automation Utility Comparison Chart
Build Your First Website
Mail Tools for Microsoft Outlook
Mailing List Express
Stationary On Email Merge Software Mass Mail Add Ons For Outlook
Free Downloads Center - software and free game downloads
Your Free Software Resource
freeware software Sam Francke (Good)
The Free Site is the best place to find freebies, freeware, free stuff, samples, games
TUCOWS Software
Win, Win, or DOS boot disk

Digital Photography

Ted's Camera Stores
Camera Reviews (good)
Cambridge in Colour - Digital Photography Tutorials
Understanding Camera Lenses
State Records NSW - Photo Investigator
Camera House Caringbah
Color, Value and Hue
Curtin's Guide to Digital Cameras-Contents
Digital Imagemaker International
Free Digital Scrapbooking Software
Snapfish online photo print
Understanding How Image Sensors Work
Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Screensavers

Imaging Software

GIMP Talk - Tips and Tutorial
GIMP - Changing Background Color 1
Using Channel Ops with GIMP
Articles - OSA
GIMP Talk (Good starting point)
Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro & Paint.NET
Data Recovery Software
Open Clip Art Library Drawing Together
Adobe Solutions
Turn the Page -- Page Curl Effect -- PhotoshopTutorial
Cathys Corner - Tutorials Authors A-K


The National Archives, Dublin
The Registry of Deeds, Ireland
Registry of Deeds Index Project site
Trinity College Library, Dublin
The Representative Church Body, Dublin
The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast:
The General Register Office for Scotland
The National Archives, London:
The College of Arms, London
The Clans of Ireland
The Curch of St Magnus the Martyr:
The State Library of New South Wales
State Records of New South Wales
The Genealogical Society of Queensland
Queensland Family History Society
Genealogical Society of Victoria
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths NSW
NSW Family History Search
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths TAS
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths WA

Senior's Interests and General Information

Geneal Help
NeoWise online photo album, web gallery software, web photo album, thumbnail creator
RC Securities - Index (nonflash)
I Love Free Software
RealPlayer Home Page
Official ToniArts software pages
PCUG Home Page
All about Windows start-up programs
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
Testing TCP-IP
The File Extension Source
The Tech Guy Labs - Leo Laporte, - 100s of Tweaks for Microsoft Windows XP Welcome
VMware -- Virtual Machine Software

Online - Everyday Activities

ANZ Internet Banking
Commonwealth NetBank
NAB Internet Banking
St George Internet Banking
Westpac Online Banking
What's On - City of Sydney
MovieFix - Select Cinemas, Movies & Viewing Times
Sydney's Theatres, Arts and Culture
Ticketek - Buy tickets online for theatre, concerts, sports and more
Travel and Accommodation

Investments, Stocks & Shares

News & Finance
FreeCode - General info
Market Analysis System - Free Technical Analysis Software
Microsoft Websites
Microsoft Help and Support
How to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base
XP Internet Connection Sharing
From The Wilderness Publications on the web @


Dynamic Drive, DHTML(dynamic html) library!
Oracle Essbase
hutch's home page PowerBasics
JARS.COM The #1 Java Review Service
JPEG Home page
NetMechanic- Load Time Check
PowerBASIC Basic Compilers
Developer - programs - tutorials - discussions
HTML Goodies
Superior Software for Windows
Frames Tutorial
Webmonkey Applications
Java Script
(Good) JavaScripts, Example Code and Help Automate your website for less!
Cool Java Applets - Free Java Applets - Anibal's Essential Applets
Display Random Images within Your Web Page excellent)
Dynamic Drive- Image Effects
Howstuffworks How Java Works
The Source for Java(TM) Technology
JavaScript Source and Tutorials,
Site Search Machine (interesting)
Python Language Website
Registry info
PC Tool Guides for Windows
Visual BasicsBack to Top
(VBA) Code Samples - Downloads - PC
FreeVBCode (good)
Superior Software for Windows
The excellent free Envelop Visual Basic Compiler
Total Visual SourceBook - Microsoft Access and Visual Basic Source Code Library and Repository
Visual Studio Express Visual Basic - Easy to Use
Vista Stuff
How to work with partitions in Windows Vista

Including: Programs - HTML - CSS - FTP - Validators - Page-speed test - Clip-art

Web-design Programs
Komodo Edit 7
NetObjects Fusion
- Position Is Everything -
Gunlaug's homepages (Good)
Howstuffworks How Java Works
HTMlite tutorials. Using text editors to create web pages. Easy to learn.
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers#
Random Pictures Code - Graduate Student
Utility for the Webmaster
W3C HTML Validation Service
Education through Universal Design
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Compressor (****)
CSS Formatter and Optimiser (****)
Style inheritance explained (***-)
Creating a CSS layout from scratch (****)
CSS Editors - a selection(****)
CSS Examples
CSS Layout layers, absolute and relative positioning and floating elements HTMLSource
CSS Tutorial - Background (good)
CSSplay (Excellent) Experiments with cascading style sheets Home page
Dynamic Drive CSS Library- CSS Popup Image Viewer
WWW FAQs How do I create a three-column CSS layout

FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FileZilla Project (open source)
WS_FTP software (*****)
CutePDF - Create PDF for free, Save PDF Forms, Edit PDF easily; FormMax - E-Form Designer.
W3C HTML Markup Validator
W3C CSS Validator
Nu Markup Validation Service (*****)
Total Validator Basic Freeware (****/)
CSE HTML Validator Lite (*****)
Test your Site with Nibbler (*****)
LinkChecker 8.0 (*****)
W3C Link Checker
Page Load Speed Tests
Nibbler (*****)
Clip Art, Gifs & Pictures
animated gifs collectionBULLETS & BALLS, free Animated Gifs
Web graphics free animated-gifs
Animations - Links
Free Clipart, Interfaces, Animations and 3D Animated Clipart!
Mike Shaikun's Animated Gif Collection
Patrick Crispen's PowerPoint Files Multimedia
The Clip Art Directory (3D Animations)
ArtIcons - simple and power icon editor
Chainware Software Development
Learning Technologies Service Tools General Buttons
Leo's Icon Archive, buttons, bars,...
Java ScriptBack to Top Automate your website for less!
Cool Java Applets - Free Java Applets - Anibal's Essential Applets
Display Random Images within Your Web Page excellent)
Dynamic Drive- Image Effects
Howstuffworks How Java Works
The JavaScript Source Navigation Navigation Buttons
What Is an Object
Hurstville Seniors
Hurstville Seniors Computer Club

General Computer Stuff

Answers XP
Windows XP Shutdown Troubleshooter
More Web Stuff
Yahoo! Calendar - spcughome
xFX JumpStart Software Division Webmaster Resources Website Tools Free Guestbooks Forums Hit Counters Greeting Cards
ColorMatch K
Link Check with LinkAlarm - Web Service for Reporting Broken Links and other Site Quality Problems
Search Form tutorial and sample code by Glenn Cook
The New CSS Tutorial Part 1
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
HTML Goodies
Web Style Guide good

Online to the world

Screen Capture
Search Engines
Northern Light Search
Welcome to Lycos
Yahoo! Australia
Translation Service
Yahoo Translation
Windows Info
Microsoft Australia
Microsoft Products
Windows Shortcut Keys  
Computer Hope Free Computer Help
Most Valuable Professional Site.ORG (Microsoft)
Support for Microsoft Office Community Forums
Microsoft TechNet
The Abacus Introduction
c|Net Downloads


Google Calendar
Monthly Calendar (Basic)
Scheduling Software - MultiCalendar
Softalk Organizer - further information.
Sunbird - Download
WebCalendar Manual
Computer Buy sites
Buy in Australia - Compare prices - Price Comparison - Australia
Hardware Analysis
Hardware reviews Sharky
I-Tech Group Pty Ltd - Computer Systems and Accessories - Australia
Ink Refills, Inkjet Refills, Inkjet Refill Kit, Inkjet Refill Kits, Ink Refill Kits
Seagate Technology
Disk Cleaners
BoostWare - Harddisk Tools - Diskeeper Lite
Drawing Programs
Open Clip Art Library Drawing Together
Driver Info
Device Drivers Download - TechSpot Drivers (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, etc.) - DriverGu place to find device drivers
Logitech Support Downloads
Alans Excel Page
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
VBA For Microsoft Excel
AJP Excel Information - Charts
Byg Software's Home Page
Excel Help Answers and Tips
File & URL Converter
Zamzar - Free online file conversion
Pirate Sites (Use Caution!)
YEHOO! - your favourite startpage!

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Projector Buying Guide Data Projector Home Theater
Techbuy Australia- Wentworthville