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Hello and Welcome,

It is hoped that you have all returned from your holiday break re-energised and looking forward to the year ahead. This coming week there are some interesting SIG's so come, take part and partake of sharing yours and your fellow members knowledge.

Many thanks to Mila Vaughan for the article on SSD drives, on searching with Google there are heaps of interesting websites with lots of information which should prove appealing for those who are in the process of purchasing a new computer.

Something new, a series on reviewing the past Main Meeting presentations and the first will be from January last year, at which time we had the privilege of listening to Jay Chu from Asus who showed us their latest PC. It was the little powerful EeePC which I'm sure you all remember. Since that release there has been a number of companies introducing us to these small wonders and the best part of this is the price! No doubt this will increase in the coming months. For those of you who have purchased one of these little gems, would it be possible to give your opinion in regards to what changes/advantages you found working with this style of PC.

Monday 12 January - Stocks & Shares - M Robertson - 6 pm - 8 pm

Cancelled - Stocks and Shares will return Monday 9 February 2009.

Tuesday 13 January - Programming - N Hoffman - 6 pm - 8 pm

At the December meeting Andrew showed us a program he wrote in Python. A free program, now in version 2.6, it is an elegant and simple language. Neville examined Oatley Electronics' K142 kits for driving stepper motors. Martin showed us a sound level meter with a three channel LCD display he made from a microprocessor. Wayne showed us a voltmeter and thermometer he built using the ADC converter in a PIC675. He programmed it to produce a raster output of the values, which he displayed on the screen via the projector as a TV image.

At the January meeting we'll hear about cutting foam under CNC control, and using a microprocessor for music.

Saturday 17 January - Web Design - R Hume - 2 pm - 4 pm

There is no planned topic on the website for the upcoming Web Design SIG,  come along and see what Robert has conjured up for this coming year.


Tips of the Week


Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder . This little free utility does one thing really well, it tracks down product keys for software installed on your machine (not just Windows and Office, as you can see from this list). Save a copy and keep a printout; you'll be glad you did if you ever have to reinstall the program. It also offers the ability to change the Registered Owner and Company name stored in the registry.


Read It Later. A great way of saving interesting pages you discovered on the Web but donít currently have time to read. It lets you instantly save the page, then later, with a click of a button, open the article in a new window.


Please remember if your e-mail address is changed for any reason at all, unless you tell me your new address then you will not receive these weekly updates! Any change of address should be notified to

So until next week, health and happiness. 




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