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1st Floor
Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney

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15 - 22 August 2009
  • Tuesday Seniors
  • Genealogy


Coles Theatre
Powerhouse Museum
18 - 19 August 2009


Don't forget ASCCA competition photos must be emailed to
Roger by the end of August.


Family Pack 3 PC's

Dishwashable Peripherals



Hello & Welcome,

This week there is a variety of SIG's and there should be something for each of you, so come along, see your friends and have fun.

At last month's Communication SIG your fellow members constructed a 'Blog' site. To enable everyone to have easy access a link has been included in the left hand column for all to use.

Good news, the purchase of the new computer is well on track and should be finalised within the next 3 weeks.

Monday 10 August - Stocks & Shares - Malcolm Robertson - 6pm - 8pm

At this Stocks & Shares SIG, Malcolm will show a recent updated version of 'Conscious Investing' (Fundamental Software). The new features have a much better filter for picking shares.

The ASX 200 is about 4280 just before the end of day trading on Thursday 6/8/2009. There has only been a rise of 17 points over the last four days.

Will there be a top in the middle of September? Come and hear and discuss!!

We will also look at some more financial websites.


Tuesday 11 August - Programming - Neville Hoffman - 6pm - 8pm

At the last months meeting John showed some devices he built using modules purchased from Sparkfun. Shane showed pictures of how he fitted a MegaSquirt fuel injection computer and an exhaust gas oxygen sensor to an old Holden. Wayne showed the schematics of his designs of noiseless, transformerless power supplies using capacitors and 4053 switches.

There is no information on this months topic at the time of writing.


Friday 14 August - Seniors - Bill Parry - 10am - 12noon

The Seniors SIG will start with the usual Q & A, so please have your questions ready.

Bill will take us through a number of topics, namely:
  • Aspects of 'roaming' with one's notebook computer,
  • Windows 7, including dual booting,
  • Goodbye 'Netguide',
  • Look at some Winzip products.

If time permits Bill has more 'goodies' for you all.

Friday 14 August - Communications - Terry Eakin - 1pm - 3pm

Terry would like to hear about the latest in digital radio and wonders if there is an expert in the group who is willing to give his/her fellow members a run down on the 'pros and cons'.

Also, has any member tried the new Microsoft search engine Bing? and what are the benefits in searching the Internet between Google and Bing?

Saturday 15 August - Web Design - Robert Hume - 2pm - 4pm

Due to our previous site being out of action for a little while, we now have the subdirectory (/webdesignsig ) under the, main SPCUG site (, so that our Web Design SIG reports can be published online for all to read once again.

This month, Warren, has asked us to look at inserting video files into Netobjects, should be interesting!

Tip of the Week

Macrium Reflect  is a no strings free version that you can use to run a complete drive back-up within Windows XP and Vista. Reflect has a friendly interface and makes disk imaging seem simple.

Please remember if your e-mail address is changed for any reason at all, unless you tell me your new address then you will not receive these weekly updates! Any change of address should be notified to

So until next week, health and happiness.



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