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13 - 19 September 2009
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Open Office 3.1.1

Simply roll the tip along your chosen route and the distance covered will be displayed on the screen.

Into the FUTURE 
the YouTube website.




Hello and Welcome,

Last Sunday several members turned up at the Computer Fair, it was pretty full on with heaps of people buying their 'goodies', if you are looking for computer bits it really is a good fair to attend. The Committee Members present were able to acquire the extra hardware pieces needed to complete the installation of the new computer, so all should now be compact and easy to use, best of all no more floor jobs for the aging knees!

Our Guestbook is back!

Members will be pleased to know our guestbook is back in operation. Though still in its simple form, members can now leave messages which may be viewed by all. Click on the Guestbook link - from any page and follow the simple instructions to leave your message. Why not try it now?


Tuesday 8 September - Programming - Neville Hoffman - 6pm - 8pm

At the August meeting Steve showed us a flowchart he made to lay out the structure of a complex program. Andrew described moving from the PIC12F to the PIC24F for the datalogger he is developing, and showed us the Forth compiler for the PIC16F87X. Peter mentioned Cygwin and the PIC Forth Wiki. Wayne demonstrated the Amiga operating system on a laptop computer.

This month's meeting we will see some new microprocessor applications and programming examples.


Friday 11 September - Seniors - Bill Parry - 10am - 12 noon

Bill will show off the new computer and some of it's capabilities both with WinXP and Win7 as well as describing the XP - Win7 dual boot procedures.

Bill acquired a larger HDD for his laptop and should have installed and running by Friday the 'real' (22 October) version of Win7 64bit and will be able to go through the steps associated with HDD replacement and dual boot install. Several members who have already done the Win7 dual boot should be able to give their input.

Time permitting there will also be a rundown on Notebooks and their manuals and another look at Acronis.

Friday 11 September - Communications - Terry Eakin - 1pm - 3pm

There is no set topic for this SIG, but Terry feels that Bob Backstrom may give all a rundown on the Club's new computer.

Tip of the Week

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So until next week, health and happiness,



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