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1st Floor
Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney

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18 - 24 October 2009
  • Tuesday Seniors
  • Genealogy
  • Digital Photography


Our City


Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi
29 Oct - 15 Nov 2009


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 October

Version 8.0
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UBUNTU (Portable)

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Hello and Welcome,

The club's website Home page has had a new button added. Clicking on it enables Internet Explorer users only, two options for conveniently adding our website to their home page tabs list. Remember, you can easily change or remove page tabs at any time.

Free - PREY Software helps track stolen computers

This is part of the "Prey" control panel which can be accessed via login and controlled from any computer connected to the internet. In normal operation, the computer's installed Prey software checks its own internet service provider's (ISP) address every 10 minutes. If this agrees with its "registered address", nothing noticeable happens. You can monitor up to three computers with your Prey account.

However, if one of your computers is stolen, you should immediately login using another computer and activate the alarm on your Prey control panel. Then, any time your stolen computer is connected to the internet, the thief's web address, session activities and even cam-cord pictures are automatically recorded. By reporting this valuable information to the police, you now have a much better chance of retrieving your stolen computer. Learn more about Prey from our club's website

Monday 12 October - Stocks & Shares - M. Robertson - 6pm - 8pm

Well, the DJIA is 9725, S&P 500 is 1058, FTSE 5140 and the All Ords 4763 (as at 9 pm on Thurs 8 Oct 2009).The Bears believe a fall is coming soon, but the Bulls seem to be running quickly - maybe too fast to be true !!
At the next meeting we will look at what is happening to the markets, and also take a look at gold as it appears to be the flavour of the month.

Malcolm will discuss what Jake Bernstein (USA) said on a Webinar on the evening of 8/10/09.

Further interesting websites will also be seen.

Tuesday 13 October - Programming - Neville Hoffman - 6 pm - 8 pm

At the September meeting Bob presented the Club's new computer with Intel i7 CPU, 6GB memory, and 2TB disk space.

Andrew visited the webpage of MicroZed, the Australian distributor of the Picaxe. John showed some more prototypes he made from Sparkfun modules of GPS loggers using PIC24 and ATMEL Mega168. Patrick reviewed progress being made in parallel computing using large arrays of pico chips.

At the October meeting we'll see some new microprocessor applications and programming examples.

Saturday 17 October - Web Design - Robert Hume - 2 pm - 4 pm

Last month we used the new computer for the first time. All the Web Design files were downloaded from the old hard drive, with Peter Collard setting up all the folders needed.
Robert will be away for the October meeting
and Peter has kindly agreed to run the meeting, Peter will present his favourite web design program NetObjects Fusion.

Tip of the Week

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So until next week, health and happiness,



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