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1st Floor
Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney

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25 - 31 October 2009
  • Main Meeting



Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi
29 Oct - 15 Nov 2009



8GB USB Stick
3 year warranty

Hello and Welcome,

A thank you card has been received from the late Colin Bolton's wife, Wyn and family in which she wrote "My sincere thanks to all the members of Sydney PC Users Group for your kindness".

Update 'TrustDefender'
Ted Egan, our TrustDefender  labs blog authored by Andreas discusses the TrustDefender Labs findings on some of the more dangerous malware that is targeting consumers worldwide - you may find the latest blog on "URLZone" most alarming with banks now pushing online statements. In addition via the TrustDefender Labs blog, your members can stay up to date on what the bad guys are up to and how they continue to get hold of your private and confidential information via this blog. Of course TrustDefender protects you when logging into banks we protect but it is very interesting reading for all PC user members.
Tuesday 20 October - Seniors - G. Grant - 10 am - 12 noon

Bill Parry has returned from his break in Melbourne and will be the SIG Leader for this session.

Peter Collard has agreed to do "an in-depth session on Picasa, concentrating on the version 3.5 new bits". Bill is personally interested in this as he knows his present knowledge just touches the surface of this program!

If time permits Bill will be running through 'DEP'- Data Execution Prevention -as applicable to WinXP and would like to talk a little about 'In place' upgrading of WinXP.

And of course we will do our usual Q & A.

Tuesday 20 October - Genealogy - Terry Eakin - 1 pm - 3 pm

Regret there is no advanced information as to the topic for this SIG, but you can be sure that Terry has arranged an interesting afternoon of ways to dig into one's ancestral past.

Friday 23 October - Digital Photography - Peter Collard - 10am - 12 noon

Introduction & Software Updates (bring your thumb drive),

  • Future planned topics,
  • Photography Exercise - critical discussion of your  efforts for last month's task - Our City,
  • Q & A and Tips - bring us your problems and solutions.
Main Topic - Histogram - dead and live.

Tip of the Week

Your Computer Back-up.

Does this sound familiar? You have decided that after many years of service, you have become tired of the way that your computer is not operating as well as it used to. A defrag did not make much difference so you decide to update your computer yourself. Why not, you are a member of a computer club, can't be too hard, and can remember where  everything goes. Good luck trusting one's memory.

To make it easier for yourself, use your digital camera to take photos of  where all the connections connect to. It can save you a lot of headaches once you start putting  the computer back together.

So until next week, health and happiness,



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