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1 - 7 November 2009
  • Penrith

We would like to welcome new members who joined during the month of October and hope you
find the SIG's interesting
and helpful.

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Although nothing is planned for the Computer Fair at the University of NSW Roundhouse for 2009 we are still in the
‘Get More Members’ mode, so if you have any ideas regarding increasing our membership please let us know and/or bring your friends along to a SIG or our main meeting!

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"Don't compare your life
to others. You have
no idea what their
journey is all about."


Amazing what one
can do with
from YouTube.

Hello & Welcome,

This month's Main Meeting is the one to be at, so bring your friends and introduce them to the wonders of Windows 7. Hope to see a big roll up!

Tuesday 27 October - Main Meeting - 6 pm - 8 pm

On October 22, Windows 7 finally comes to market for consumers, available to buy off the shelf in upgrade and full versions, and available to buy preloaded or bundled with new retail or whitebox PCs.

It will mark the end of the Vista era, and even as some consumers and businesses will continue to require and use Windows XP, the Windows 7 era will have finally begun in earnest.

With Microsoft still having over 90% of the desktop computer operating system market, and with Windows 7 being a genuine improvement over Vista, let alone Windows XP, it seems destined to be the true mass market success that Vista was meant to be, even though Microsoft is under competitive assault from all sides, be it from ever improving versions of Mac OS X, free Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and a host of online apps from companies like Google that don't care which operating system or device you're using, as long as it has a browser.

So, on Tuesday October 27, our main meeting guest is Microsoft's "Professional Geek", Nick Hodge, who will come to show us all the features and power of the Windows 7 operating system!

Nick has presented to the group in the past, in his capacity as a representative of Microsoft, and we'll be taking advantage of having two speaker slots available to have Nick fill them both, for a mega-presentation on Windows 7, its features and benefits and all the activity around it, from the free Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus/anti-malware suite, to the free Windows Live Suite which includes Windows Live Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Writer, Family Safety Software and much more.

Amongst other capabilities, Windows 7's multi-touch capabilities will also be on display, and there will be two copies of Windows 7 Ultimate to be won on the night in the raffle, so our October main meeting promises to be jam packed, and a chance, as always, to ask questions in the Q&A, and questions of our guest presenter.

If you've got any friends who are interested or curious to learn more about Windows 7 from Microsoft's "Professional Geek"... bring them along!! The more, the merrier!!
See you there...


Profile: Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge a Professional Geek for Microsoft, Nick has over 23 years of IT industry experience in a variety of sales, technical, management, marketing and strategic roles. As a sought-after presenter, prolific social networker and a closet workaholic, Nick just loves technology. Especially software technology.

"Online" since 1987 and before the web, subsequently working with Internet technologies more years than there have been browsers, Nick has a strong belief that the current revolution of connection, collaboration and communication is going to have dramatic and unforeseen effects on the human condition. Some call this hyperconnectivity.

As a presenter of technology to all sized audiences, Nick loves to inspire people by showing them "shiny new things" that will change their life, the way they communicated, their organisation, community and business.

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So until next week, health and happiness,



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