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2 - 8 May 2010
9 - 15 May 2010
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'Lest we Forget'
25 April 2010


The Committee & Members
would like to welcome
new members and
subscribers who joined
during the month of April.

Hello and Welcome,
As there will be no SIGs to advertise during the week 2 - 8 May, the next newsletter will be sent out on Friday 7 May with SIG meeting information for the following week.
Tuesday 27 April - Main Meeting - 5.30pm - 8.30pm
From memory, it has been a year or two since we last heard from anyone in the Internet phone calling industry, also known as "VoIP" or voice over Internet Protocol. These days Internet calling is a mature technology, allowing millions around the world to dramatically lower their phone bills and save lots of money each and every month.
So, it's time that we heard of the latest and greatest Internet calling plans from one of the VoIP pioneers in Australia, and a previous guest of the Sydney PC Users Group, and that company is MyNetFone.
Rene Sugo of MyNetFone is our guest this April, and he will explain to us his company's latest phone plans, showcase the latest Internet phones (that look and work like regular telephones, be they wired or wireless, with some extra snazzy features), and if all goes to plan, there'll be an amount of free phone calls via a VoIP service to be won as the main prize!
I'm still to determine exactly what that prize will be, but with Australians eager to lower costs and take advantage of the latest technologies to get one up over Telstra, it will be interesting to learn what MyNetFone offers consumers in 2010 after several years of VoIP being on the market, what the latest VoIP phones are like, and the other products and services that MyNetFone offers.
So - come along to the April Main Meeting, take a call from Rene and see if he can put a smile on your "dial"!
See you there,
Saturday 1 May - Penrith - Frank Bowman - 2 pm - 5 pm
St Clair High School, Endeavour Avenue, St Clair
We'll have our usual Penrith SIG meeting on Saturday 1st May, at the usual venue, St Clair High School, Endeavour Avenue, St Clair, but from 2 pm to 5 pm, now that daylight saving has finished.
As well as our usual Q and A session around the table, where we share problems, advice and tips, we will partition a brand new portable 500 GB hard disk. From a recent Choice Computer magazine, we will look at the findings of tests conducted on the five most common internet browsers. We'll check how Word and the Open Office word processor can be used as simple databases. Another article we'll read is the difference between 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7.
(Frank Bowman)
Tip of the Week
Instapaper - when you are on the internet, you probably find important, interesting, or useful information. Just donít have time to read it at that moment, with just one click, Instapaper reads, cleans, and stores the information for you to read at your convenience.
So until next week, health and happiness.



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