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WEEKLY SIG MEETING UPDATE  19 - 25 September 2010

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27 September - 2 October 2010
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Hello and Welcome,
At the last meeting of the Friday Seniors SIG, Peter Collard gave a very interesting presentation of the use of some of the portable software that can be loaded on a 4GB USB flash drive.

Unlike most Windows software, the portable software does not make use of the host computer's registry as the .DLL libraries they use are installed on the flash drive. Peter has found that there are two particular situations where the portable software very useful. He can help somone who is having trouble with a computer by using the utilities stored on a flash drive to diagnose problems and recover lost files etc. He can also use the flash drives in internet cafes  while he is on holidays even if the cafes do not have a good range of software.
He has Firefox and Thunderbird stored on a flash drive and has access to his personal bookmarks and email addresses. He can also use a other software that he uses at home and he has the confort of knowing that he is leaving minimal personal information on what could be an insecure computer.

Peter's full report can be read at:
Next week's meetings are:
Tuesday 21 September  - Seniors -  G. Grant - 9:30am - 12:30pm
This group will be looking at the speech recognition facilities and some other utilities in Windows 7 at the meeting.
A question and answer session will be held at the beginning of the meeting to help members resolve any puzzling computer problems.
Tuesday 21 September  - Genealogy -  T. Eakin - 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Terry Eakin has sent out a discussion paper titled "Getting the most from the new FamilySearch website" to members of this group to allow them to read  it before the meeting. The paper contains links to the "FamilySearch" Web site and other useful online sites.The paper will be discussed in detail at the meeting.
This meeting would be a good place to start if any other members of the club are considering doing some family history research. 
Friday 24 September  - Digital Photography -  P. Collard - 9:30am - 12:30pm
The main topic for this meeting will be backgound lighting and back-lit photography.The photographs takenby the group members for this month's photography exercise will be viewed and critically discussed. As usual, there will be a question and answer session and many photographic tips will be provided by and given to members.

So until next week, health and happiness,
John M

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