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WEEKLY SIG MEETING UPDATE  21 - 26 February 2011

1st Floor
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7 March - 12 March 2011
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Hello and Welcome,
There will be a Main Meeting of the User Group on Tuesday and a meeting of the Digital Photography SIG on Friday next week. Here are the details:
Tuesday 22 February - MAIN Meeting -  5:30pm - 8:30pm
Alex has sent us the following message:
It's February already, with March nearly here, and one third of the year almost, but not quite, over!
As they say, time flies, but whether time is using wings or supersonic jets is hard to know at times... :-)
Our main meeting presenter for February is Parrot, which makes the quadricopter known as "AR.Drone", the ultimate 21st century digital flying toy.  It links to iPhones and iPads in a most remarkable way, and was the hit of the 2010 CES Show in Las Vegas.
Parrot also makes Bluetooth devices and other gizmos and gadgets, but they are coming to show us an amazing flying toy that you have to see to believe. It makes remote control cars look extremely old fashioned... and truly is the digital toy, thus far, of the decade.
We will also be looking at the latest websites, other cool new technologies. I have some new phones and tablets to show you plus that almost waterproof phone to show you from last month. We will be doing Q&A and more, so - come along and we'll see you at the main meeting!
Friday 25 February - Digital Photography-  P. Collard - 9:30am - 12:30pm
Peter's message for this meeting is a follows:
After our usual viewing of this month's exercise [Beach Photos] and the
Question & Answer session we will be discussing on-line photo albums - Picasa Web, Photobucket, Flickr, Ball of Dirt, etc. We will look at Picasa Web in
detail, as others are similar and we will compare some of the main features with the others. We will also look at how to keep the photos shared, private or semi-private. Maybe we can also look at watermarking the public ones to protect copyright.
Hang on Ė I didnít send that e-mail!
One of our members recently realized he had a problem with spam e-mails when one of his work friends started sending him job offers. He sought an explanation from his IT security manager and this is the response he received:
Have you seen what happens when an e-mail canít be delivered? You get an email (called a bounce-back) basically saying ďI can't deliver your messageĒ. Now, have you ever got one of these for a message you didn't send?

If you have, youíre not alone. Many people think their computer is infected with a virus but itís much simpler and unfortunately we can do very little about it. To explain how it happens Iíll use Australia Post as an example, because e-mail systems are modelled very closely on how ďrealĒ mail is delivered.

Imagine you own a web site that sells something. To advertise your web site you go to the post office and buy an envelope. Into the envelope you put a leaflet with the address of your web site.

You grab a phone book and randomly choose someone to send it to. Then, you choose a second address and write it on the back of the envelope as the sender so nobody knows you sent it. You post the package.

One of two things will happen:
1. The envelope will be delivered and the recipient will think the person whose address is on the back sent the envelope to them, even though they didn't; or
2. The address isnít valid and the envelope will return to sender. Whoís the sender?Ē Not you, but the person whose address you wrote on the back.

In your case, people sending spam emails may use a list of e-mail addresses that happen to contain some from our office. If you receive a bounce-back for an e-mail you didn't send, your e-mail address is that second one on the back of the envelope. Itís not your fault and itís unfortunately a fact of life.
David Griffiths - Information Security Manager

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