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WEEKLY SIG MEETING UPDATE  28 February - 5 March 2011

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7 - 12 March 2011
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Hello and Welcome,
Next week it is the turn of the Penrith SIG. Here are the details:
Saturday 5 March - Penrith Group  -  F. Bowman - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Last month, the Penrith SIG looked at the ways of maximising the life of a laptop battery, the function of Internet Protocol version 6 and the useful image editor program, Irfanview.
The group did deviate from the agenda for a while to determine how to disable error reporting. They found they could do this by going to the Local Group Policy Editor after typing gpedit.msc in the Run menu.
As the group had a large agenda last month they did not complete a few items and these will be finished next week.
In addition, the group will have their usual Question and Answer session around the table to share problems, advice and tips and then they will look at the following topics:
-   Adding text to images with image editors;
-   Extracting the audio from YouTube videos;
-  Some basic web construction; and
-  Editing PDF files.
They will also start to work their way through the article called "71 tweaks to get the most from Windows 7" that appeared in a recent copy of a Windows 7 magazine.
The Penrith SIG meets at the St Clair High School, Endeavour Avenue, St Clair. You are welcome to attend.
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