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16 - 21 May 2011
  • Tuesday's Seniors SIG
  • Genealogy SIG
  • Web Design SIG

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Hellp and Welcome,
Once again, we have some very interesting meetings for you. 
Monday 9 May - Stocks & Shares -  M. Robertson - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Well Mr Market has certainly had a shakeout in the last few days, especially the Dow Jones and other overseas indices. "Commodity Blow - off shakes market" says one headline. The well-known CRB commodity index fell suddenly from 370 to 341. The Aust $/US$ also fell from its recent high of 1.10 to 1.06 at the same time. Silver reached a record US $49.43 and fell suddenly. The Shanghai Composite index reversed below 3000 and its rising trend line, warning of a correction. Gold price has also been shaken and fell over $US 50. Maybe it won't reach US$ 2000 this year!?
The US dollar index (a basket of six world currencies) continues in a strong downturn, now at 74, down from 89 in May 2010. The 'world famous' Jim Rogers said over three years ago the $US would fall markedly in the years to come, perhaps reaching 20 cents!!!!
At our meeting on Monday, Malcolm will discuss the above issues. He has also been to several Finance and Mining meetings/talks over the past four weeks and will give a summary of some of the presentations.

The group will also look Australian shares, so bring along any share names you want to look at.                                                                        Malcolm Robertson

Tuesday 10 May - Programming -  N. Hoffman - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
At this meeting we'll see some new microprocessor applications and programming examples. 
At the April meeting Martin discussed a circuit for a combined power supply and battery charger. Andrew spoke about green array chips, a new design of multi-computer chips from GreenArrays Inc using the Forth language. They have great computing power, small size, and low energy consumption, and might have a big future.
Alex described the WinLIRC serial receiver. It transmits and receives infrared remote control signals, allowing you to control your computer and other equipment.
Tony M described his PIC-based motorised remote control of a radio loop antenna. Christopher spoke about the SBC65EC he bought from ModTronics Engineering. It is an embedded PIC based single board computer with Ethernet and RS232 interface.                                                                                   Neville Hoffman 
Friday 13 May - Seniors - 9:30am - 12:30pm
Peter Collard, who is returning from Thailand on 11 May, is willing to lead the Seniors SIG again this month.
After the usual general question and answer session, Peter plans to discuss a couple of utilities that he finds useful.
One is Notepad ++, a replacement for the Windows Notepad. It can open several files at once and displays the files for easier viewing based on content.
If time permits Peter will introduce some educational programs like Stellarium, Celestia and Marble which can be used to view the sky and the earth.
Friday 13 May - Communications -  J. Lucke - 12:30pm - 3:30pm
John proposes to do a presentation on Networking at this meeting.
He will discuss copper wire, optical cable and wireless transmission connections and some of the info-structure and equipment that make it all work.
At a later date John will look at setting up home networks, file & printer sharing, external data storage, security, etc. using Ethernet, house electrical circuits and wireless transmission.
There will also be a question and answer session on all communication issues at this meeting.

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