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WEEKLY SIG MEETING UPDATE  13 - 18 August 2012

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20 - 25 August 2012
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Hello and Welcome,
There will be meetings of the Programming and Web Design SIGs next week.
Details are below:
Tuesday 14 August - Programming -  N. Hoffman - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
At the July meeting Paul told us of his long term interest in DBase, a once popular program that is currently having a revival. He also showed a PCB that runs some LEDs from a PIC12F683 microprocessor to make a superb garden lighting display, called an LED rainbow. A YouTube video and an Instructable about this display can be seen via .
We visited the Robots and Dinosaurs website. It is a club of geeks and artists who brainstorm ideas, work on collaborative projects, and share the cost of making CNC tools. It meets in Sydney on Saturdays and some weeknights.
We discussed making a PCB sandwich as a substitute for Jiffy boxes and other cabinets. It is made by gasketting two equal sized printed circuit boards together. The top PCB has on its top side the labels and all components that need to be visible, such as switches, connectors, LEDs. These are through-hole components. On its underside would be mounted those components that need not be seen, such as resistors, capacitors, ICs. These are surface mounted components so there would be no sign of them from the top. The bottom board is a blank PCB, or any plastic sheet material. The gasket, or separator, holding the two boards apart is any plastic strip around the perimeter.All the components being on the one PCB, which serves as the top panel, there is no need to run wires between a PCB and a top panel as you do with jiffy boxes or other cabinets. Also no need for a separate display panel, as this is part of the component overlay of the top PCB. Projects can be slimmer, and smaller, as the layout need not be stretched to suit a standard box.
Members of the group will demonstrate some new microprocessor applications and programming examples at Tuesday's meeting. Visitors are always welcome.
                                                                                                    Neville Hoffman
Saturday 18 August - Web Design -  R. Hume - 1:30pm - 4:30pm
The group will continue to develop their new Peru web site with the program Alleycode at this meeting.
A question and answer session will give members the opportunity to discuss web design issues and problems.
You are welcome to attend the meeting.
John Mathews

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