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18 - 23 March 2013
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Vale Mila Vaughan
Members will be saddened to learn of the death of our former long-time member Mila Vaughan.  

Hello and Welcome,
Details of next week's meetings are below:
Tuesday 12 March - Programming - N. Hoffman - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
At the February meeting Andrew lead a discussion on overcoming the practical obstacles in programming a PIC, citing ambiguities in data sheets, conflicts in commands, inaccuracies in timers, and other perversities.
Wayne reviewed the Color Maximite, featured recently in Silicon Chip magazine, and recommended the Commstick at around $30.
Johnny showed his circuit design for an electric car. Power from a battery is put through an inverter to supply alternating current to the motor. He simulated its operation under varying loads and speeds with Matlab. Julian recommended an open source Matlab-like simulator, Scilab. For symbolic logic, he suggests the Euler Math Toolbox at
Members of the group will demonstrate some new microprocessor applications and programming examples at Tuesday's meeting. Visitors are always welcome.
                                                                                                                              Neville Hoffman
Saturday 16 March - Web Design - R. Hume - 1:30pm - 4:30pm
At the last meeting members started to learn how to build a web site.

At this meeting the members will first decide whether to continue the exercise by creating their own individual sites or building a site for the whole group or one with a page for each member.

They will then:
- choose a suitable webpage design based upon a chosen sample page template or from a site on the Internet which displays "20 Awesome Responsive Templates and Themes".
- try changing some "Cascading Style Sheets" online;
- review the software on the CD distributed at the last meeting;
- discuss the selection criteria for choosing a web page editing program;
- examine and compare some different editing programs; and
- select some online web-design tutorials.
A short report of the last meeting can be found in the attachment sent with this e-mail message. The "Build a web site in 10 minutes" exercise mentioned in that message can be viewed here
It is not too late for you to join this interesting learning exercise. Just come to the meeting and enjoy the experience!
John Mathews

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